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701 Bridger Avenue, Suite 600
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Office Staff:
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Barbara Abbott
Assistant to: James P.C. Silvestri, Esq.
Nancy Buchanan
File Clerk
Susan Clokey
Assistant to: Brian W. Goldman, Esq. and Mark T. Liapis
Carol Cooper
Firm Administrator
Patricia Crittenden
Assistant to: Richard J. Pyatt, Esq.
Jennifer Beesley
Assistant to: Darlene M. Cartier, Esq. and Jose E. Carmona, Esq.
Alondra Reynolds
Assistant to: Ali. R. Iqbal, Esq. and Troy E. Peyton
Leslie Reynolds
Assistant to: Robert P. Molina, Esq.
Alex Silvestri
Legal Assistant
John Munivong
Billing Coordinator
Veronica Tibbetts
Tom Slaughter